The Wet Brush

Good day everyone,

in this post I´m talking about The Wet Brush.



The Wet Brush Classic

Colour pink

Length 23 cm

Cost: About 9 €


As you can see in the picture above, the brush has a normal shape. It is quite broad on the top half (7 cm) and get´s really slim on the bottom half. The body of the brush is made of hard plastic, the bristles however are made out of a very flexible, soft material, so they can bend nicely, if you put pressure on them. On top of the bristles are little pink dots, I guess to avoid any sharp edges. The bristle itself is 2 cm long.



I have quite thick and long hair. Treating my hair after the shower was a complete nightmare for years. I used a comb to get through my wet hair, but this has never been a pleasant experience. So one day I read about The Wet Brush and I was hooked. I went online and purchased my own one. At first I was a bit skeptical, since the Wet Brush looks like every other brush I had tried so far. But boy, have I been wrong. I usually use a leave-in conditioner after every shower, to soften my hair and make it manageable. Even if I don´t move at all in the shower (which is not really possible, let´s be honest…) my hair gets tangled up into a mess.

But I wanted an honest first impression of the brush, so I skipped the conditioner and went right into brushing my hair. Aaaand: It was awesome. I started at the bottom of the hair and made my way up to the scalp and it worked just great. I needed way less strokes, than using a comb.

Even after months of using this brush I can’t detect any damage the brush has done to my hair. On the contrary, I believe my hair looks a lot healthier and less broken at the ends, since I use The Wet Brush.


Definitely give The Wet Brush a Go, especially if you have thick and long hair, like I do. Taking a shower is way more pleasant now, knowing you don´t have to fight the hair-battle afterwards. There are so many different types and colours of the Wet Brush, that I´m sure you´ll find the right fit for you.

Disclaimer: Even though it seems like it, this post is NOT sponsored by The Wet Brush. I wish it would´ve been 😉


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